Final Portfolio: How and why is it important for you to tell stories?

What is a story? In the simplest terms, a story is a report of real or fictitious events. Seems simple enough right? Hardly. Have you ever listened to two different people recount the same event, yet there is a stark contract between these two stories? One person can break away on tangents trying to relay every little detail, but ends up killing the story and boring the listener. While the other can spin a tale and enthrall their audience with ease. We love to listen to those stories, but why? Why are we so attracted to these storytellers, books, and movies? Stories take us to a different world where our imagination can run free. Sometimes it’s fantasy where impossible things happen, other times it’s real life events we can relate to our own lives and desires. Stories allow us, even if for only a moment, to travel away from where we are currently and experience something different. All stories, even the darkest and worst, have merit, but the trick is to find the core idea and craft a narrative which resonates.


DS106 Assignment Bank

  1. Visual Word Cloud
  2. Audio Lyric Mix Up
  3. Video Moving Object
  4. Photo Color Walk

Digital Story Critiques

What I love about my theme and the digital stories I chose, is that they all revolve around experiences by real people. I feel that the act of creating a meal and sitting with a person to eat is actually a very personal experience. These specific stories all have a sense of humanity and family about them, and that’s exactly what I was hoping to convey.

  1. The Food Behind a Fight
  2. Food for Firefighters
  3. Family Recipes
  4. Feeling through Compassion

Literature Responses

The 3 literature responses I selected do not deal directly with the theme I was exploring, but in the portrayal of that theme. With each of the selected literature, the focus I believe is on the humanizing and accessibility of peoples’ stories.

  1. BRIGHT Response
  2. The Science of Storytelling Response
  3. More than a Single Story Response

Social Media & Networking Interactions

  1. I regularly interacted with my course mates and read their blogs. There were some where the blogs seemed to stop halfway through the semester, and it was a little frustrating to remember who was active and who was not. The DS106 class page was helpful, but I found it easier to go through the blog list in Canvas than to scroll page by page through DS106, especially since they only list 10 postings at a time. Some of the blogs I enjoyed were Heather’s, Hani’s, and others I describe in my Mid-Point Gallery Walk.
  2. Some of the broader DS106 interactions I have took place over twitter, especially with the Daily Creates such as the Denver Sunset and Hometown, USA photos.

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