Digital Story Critique

I came across this StoryCorps story and was struck by the humility and humanity of the narrator. It’s amazing what a little kindness and a hot meal can bring about. I’ve recently seen an increase in stories about people from opposite sides coming together to break bread, and I feel this particular story really catches that sentiment. There’s a heightened feeling about when one uses this opportunity to move hearts and change minds.

  1. Story: The story of Julio and his attacker is very interesting. He inquires about what this kid wants out of life, and he not only treats him like a person, Julio offers him his jacket and treats him to dinner.
  2. Presentation and Performance: I think that for this particular story, the media use of actually drawing Julio and only drawing Julio gives him a large does of humanity. The opposite happens to the kid who tries to rob him, he’s only text on a screen.
  3. Sense of Audience: I feel that having the kid as an ethereal character allows you to step into his shoes more easily, this kid could have been you. And we can only hope somebody would take the time like Julio did to actually see you as a person.



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