Read and Response – Chapter 5: 7 Steps of Digital Storytelling

This week’s reading was another from Joe Lambert, and was a more structured view of storytelling than from the previous reading of his. He breaks down his story telling process into 7 distinct parts:

  1. Owning Your Insights
  2. Owning Your Emotions
  3. Finding the Moment
  4. Seeing Your Story
  5. Hearing Your Story
  6. Assembling Your Story
  7. Sharing Your Story

When I initially read the chapter heading I was already dismissing Joe’s writings, since I believe writing a good story is a form of art and not something that can be boiled down to “Follow these directions and your story will work.” However when I actually started reading about what Joe was trying to convey, I realized that these 7 steps are not about the writing of a story itself, but about helping to steer the creative process of recognizing your story.

One of the steps which really intrigued me was step 3 Finding the Moment. He put into words something which I knew, but had never properly formulated; that a good story (though not necessarily all) should focus on a moment of change, whether large or small. That pivotal moment when things change is what captivates the audience’s imagination.


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